Wastewater Collection

Responsibilities of the Department

The Wastewater Collection Department provides daily service to the sanitary sewer collection system through lift station maintenance and valve exercising and maintenance. The Wastewater Collection Department also inspects, cleans, and repairs sanitary sewer laterals, responds to customer reports of sewage backup, and performs mainline leak repairs.

The City of Groveland operates and maintains 2 wastewater treatment facilities capable of treating a combined capacity of 2.055 million gallons per day and 5 water treatment facilities capable of producing a permitted capacity of 4.3 million gallons per day.

Reclaimed Water Distribution

The City of Groveland provides reclaimed water for irrigation to Green Valley Country Club and various subdivisions within the system.By providing reclaim water for lawn irrigation, the City of Groveland helps promote water conservation through reduced groundwater withdrawals.

The city's 2 wastewater treatment facilities currently provide approximately 420,000 gallons per day of reclaim water. Both facilities are currently designed to process 1 million gallons per day each at full build out. Both facilities have the capability of being expanded to 3 million gallons per day, each.