Councilwoman Barbara Gaines - District 3 

Councilwoman Barbara Gaines represents District 3 in Groveland, where she actively champions thriving small businesses that give back to the communities they serve. 

Gaines joined the Groveland City Council in 2020 to contribute her positive influence towards a cause she felt to be greater than herself. Prior to being elected to serve on the council, Gaines used her professional advisory skills to serve as a public servant with the federal government for over 35 years. In this role, she developed experience in areas of policy development, subcontracting, and advising small businesses.

As a multifaceted entrepreneurial advisor, Gaines has a passion for helping blossoming small businesses to implement practices that foster strong relationships within the community. She also extends her relational expertise in building viable partnerships to create networking opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for Groveland residents. 

Gaines actively seeks to connect with residents through inclusive dialogues at City Council meetings and other City events. Councilwoman Gaines is an avid believer that the essence of charm is in the ability to delight others, which is why she encourages residents to take an active role in their quality of life in Groveland by sharing their voices with the City Council.  

Outside of serving on the Council, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family, teaching etiquette, and shopping.


List of Committees:

Florida League of Cities, Lake County League of Cities, South Lake Chamber of Commerce, and Veterans’ Affairs Liaison

Councilwoman B_Gaines