Life Safety and Community Outreach

The intent of our Community Outreach PrograDivChief Smith Headshotm is to foster a relationship with our community by establishing a partnership that engages us together in a common goal – to improve overall public safety, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable populations, the very young and the elderly. We will do this by actively engaging with our citizens by delivering a multitude of programs that will improve the overall health and safety of our community.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out some new programs that are geared for our most vulnerable populations, the very young and the elderly. Below is just an example of what to expect:

Future Programs coming soon:

  • Residential “Knox Box” loaner program.
    • The Fire Department will have access to a key(s) to your residence secured in the “Knox Box” to gain rapid, non-destructive unassisted access into the residence, and a method of securing it when leaving. Only the Groveland Fire Department is able to gain access to the Knox Box, and will only do so in the event of an emergency.
      • Examples of use:
        • Persons with a history of medical or physical condition (short or long term) that could render them unable to open a locked door in the event of an emergency.
        • Persons recuperating from surgeries.
        • Anyone with a medical alert system.
        • Out of town and the Fire Alarm or Co2 detector is going off.
  • Safety for the elderly– Remembering When™ is centered around 16 key safety messages, eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention.
    • Examples:
    • Cooking Fires 
    • Space heater safety
    • Slip, Trip, and Falls
  • Other topics to cover:
    • Preparing house for grandchildren visits/stays
    • Preparing house for spouse with special needs
    • Fire extinguisher training
    • GPS bracelet’s (Silver Alert)
  • Hands Only CPR, Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Reach out to community groups/organizations
      • HOA’s
      • Civic Organizations
      • Alzheimer/Dementia Support Groups
      • Parkinson Support Groups
      • Senior Organizations
  • After the Fire
    • Follow up with a homeowner after a fire and assist them with helpful information. A fire will change one’s life dramatically in many ways. Knowing where to begin and who can help is important.  
    • Follow up after an emergency with a business owner after a fire and see if there is anything we could help coordinate them with other city agencies to reduce the amount of time their business is closed.

Recently launched Program:

  • Senior Outreach Program
    • This program is designed to have well-being checks done for the vulnerable members (elderly) of our community. This will be by a phone call on the day requested in the form. This form could be filled out by them, or their relatives that live out of the area and would like us to check on them. Click here       to fill out the request form.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic social distancing requirements, we are having to change the way we reach our young populations, school age kids. Instead of in person station tours with the elementary and daycare kids, we will be bringing it to them via station tour videos. We will also be creating a monthly fire safety video and sharing it on our social media sites. You can like us on our Facebook page, Groveland Fire Department, and follow us on Twitter @GrovelandSafety.