Senior Outreach Program

Senior Outreach Flyer

Groveland Public Safety is launching a new program designed to bolster the safety and well-being of Groveland’s most vulnerable citizens. The new program is known as the Senior Outreach Program. This program provides a lifeline for the elderly, the physically impaired, and others who are living alone with few or no caregivers. 

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who is at least 60 years of age, or who is physically impaired, who is vulnerable and has few, or no caregivers to help them.  

How Do I Apply?

There are multiple ways to apply, Groveland residents can complete the application here, or call the Police Department’s Community Outreach Officer Cpl. Alicia Menendez at 352-429-4166 ext. 3004 or send an email to and Cpl. Menendez will complete the form for you.

 How does it Work?

Once the form is complete, we will set up a weekly phone call between our Public Safety personnel and the applicant, to check on their well-being. These calls will be made Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.