How Do I Rent a City Facility for my Event?

The City of Groveland offers a variety of facilities which are available for rental for your special event.

You may reserve the pavilions or the gazebo at no charge, unless your event falls under the category of a Special event.

Special event means any organized gathering of persons, comprised of groups or individuals, including gathering at shows, exhibitions, demonstrations, or assembly, other than the normal day-to-day or seasonal operations or concerns of licensed establishments within the city. The term "special event" shall include but is not limited to entertainment festivals, parades, fairs, festivals, carnivals, circuses, church events, athletic events, arts and crafts events, and special promotional activities for commercial establishments, such as holiday events, contests, on-location radio promotions, and shows.

In the case of special events, an application must be submitted in order to obtain a special event permit for sole use during the period of time specified on the application, not to exceed 12 hours per application. A deposit of $100.00 shall be required to insure prompt clean-up of the property on which the special event is conducted. The deposit shall be made at the time of receipt of the special event permit. If the property is not cleaned of all equipment, debris, signs and other items associated with the special event within 48 hours of the expiration of the permit, the deposit will be forfeited.

The fee for rental of the community centers is dependent upon the type of event. Please see the fee schedule below for specifics. You may submit your rental applications online, but you will be required to pay your deposit at City Hall. For more information, please contact City Hall at 352-429-2141, ext. 222.

Please refer to Resolution 2013-07-18 for the City of Groveland's policy governing usage and rental of City facilities and the City's Code of Ordinances Sec. 50-133(c)(3)a.; Sec. 50-137 regarding special events. 

Please visit the Facility Rental Information page to make an online reservation and see the fee schedule.

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