Protecting Your Business

According to the Department of Labor, 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never re-open. The City of Groveland wants no business to experience a disaster, but odds are businesses will. Disasters are not only violent storms, but can be accidents, civil disturbances, and other incidents.

Your place of business needs to be secured against the effects of the storm the same way your home does. Determine now which records and equipment need to be evacuated and which records may stay. Computer information should be backed up to tape or disk and stored in a safe place off premises. This is good business practice regardless of whether there is a storm or not. There is no way to predict a fire or a burglary or any other event which may affect your business. Determine who will be responsible for making sure these provisions are taken care of and that the location of the copied materials is known so they may be easily retrieved when needed.

Questions for Your Insurance Agent

Homeowner's policies differ from business policies in many ways. Contact your insurance agent before the disaster and answer the following questions:

  • Does my policy cover the cost of bringing my building up to code if it is damaged? Many jurisdictions, including Apopka, require current codes be met if a large percentage of the building is repaired or replaced.
  • What perils does my policy cover? Some policies have riders limiting or denying certain claims of loss.
  • What documentation does my agent want to see in the event of a loss? Certain kinds of documentation are necessary in order for your insurance company to reimburse you, like tax records, inventory, etc.
  • Does my policy provide for a loss of income? With a business closed, there are no sales or services provided.
  • Does your insurance cover this loss during the time you are rebuilding?