Dive Team

IMG_3044The Dive Team was founded in 2007 as a special unit of the Groveland Fire Department. The team responds to all water rescue calls within our coverage area and is called out to other cities in need of mutual aid.

Most of the underwater missions are conducted by feel and touch due to the dark waters and poor visibility. The diver’s remaining senses must compensate for this lack of sight. Since failure is not an option, we dive as one with a shared vision in mind to complete each mission.


The team trains year-round in various types of weather and water conditions.

This training, combined with the latest advancements in diving equipment, affords the team the opportunity to offer value added services to the City of Groveland. Training operations include:

  • Surface Water Rescue
  • Underwater Rescue Operations
  • Underwater Recovery Operations
  • Underwater Search Operations
  • Boat Based Operations

Dive Team Equipment

The team is equipped with the following gear:

  • Wet suits for each diver
  • Full face mask with integrated communication system
  • Commercial grade buoyancy control devices
  • Each diver receives a set of gloves, fins, hood, and underwater flashlights
  • Surface base communication system
  • Garmin 340c
  • 10 aluminum dive tanks and 2 ponies (back-up air)
  • 17 foot rescue boat
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Additional Information

For more information on the City of Groveland's Dive Team, please email Jamil Dib, Dive Team Commander.

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