2023 Groveland Code Update

                                               COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CODE UPDATE VERSION 4 BRIEFING

The Planning & Zoning Division staff has been working diligently to update Version 4 of the Community Development Code while continuing our mission of preserving the City of Groveland’s natural charm and enhancing sustainable development for long-term success. On May 4th, staff held a Code Update Workshop with the Planning & Zoning Board to go over proposed revisions to the Community Development Code. This workshop was an open discussion forum which gave each P&Z Board Member an opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations. Below is a list of items from the P&Z Board that was discussed and recommended:

  • Article 2, Process

    1. Provide additional information for the processing of a Community Development District, such as a table with more information on other financing instruments listed.

    2. Connectivity of trails on Open Space Sheet

    3. Including playgrounds for site furnishing within Open Spaces of residential communities

    4. Location of Bus Stop pick up stops on Site Development Plan

  • Article 5, Zoning

    1. Keeping the minimum lot width for Village Center parcels to 50 feet

    2. Changing the square footage of Accessory Dwelling Units to 700 square feet or 30% of the principle structure, whichever is greater

    3. Requiring Light & Heavy Industrial uses to go through a Special Exception process for any indoor/outdoor storage of hazardous materials

    4. Allowance of Highway Commercial uses as an additional zoning category on arterial roads

  • Article 6, Signage

    1. Allowance of temporary signs (political signs) in the CRA District.

  • Article 9, Glossary

    1. Including a definition for impervious material

Additional noteworthy proposed code changes include:

  • Article 2, Process: Development Fiscal Analysis and Community Development District criteria for new developments
  • Article 4, Community Infrastructure: Revising the amount Open Space types needed for smaller parcels and requiring Florida Native plant species landscape buffers at the edges of stormwater ponds
  • Article 5, Zoning: Revising definition for live/work units to allow property owner the ability to lease the commercial component of the building
  • Article 6, Signage: Updating our sign requirements for permitted, exempt, temporary, and prohibited signs.

At this time, the Planning Division has a tentative timeline for the Community Development Code Update V4.

  • August 3, 2023 Planning & Zoning Board Workshop: Code Update Discussion
  • September 7, 2023 Planning & Zoning Board Meeting: Recommendation of Approval
  • September 18, 2023 City Council Meeting: Consideration of Approval (1st Reading)
  • October 2, 2023 City Council Meeting: Consideration of Approval (2nd Reading)

Below is a link to access the latest Community Development Code Update V4.

2023 Groveland Code Update v4

These updates will be discussed at the Planning & Zoning Board meeting on July 6th at 3pm at the Puryear building, located at 243 South Lake Avenue, Groveland, FL 34736. We encourage community members to attend!

To provide feedback or ask questions, please contact the Planning Division at planning@groveland-fl.gov