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Close House Watch Form

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  2. Groveland Police Department
    6825 S.R. 50 Groveland, FL 34736
    Ph: 352-429-4166
    Fx: 352-429-5559
    Emergency: 911
  3. Filing a House Watch Form
    Welcome to the City of Groveland Police Close House Online Form. This form is for Close House Form only and not to be used to request immediate assistance from Police, Fire or Rescue.


    ► Your house has been broken into and require Police, Fire or Rescue;
    ► You witnessed incident at your neighbors house;
    ► Someone is hurt; OR
    ► You know or have information about an incident or who might have committed the crime, (description, name, license #, etc.), even if vague.

    You may file your Close House Watch Form using the online form ONLY if you answer NO to any of the questions above AND THE IT OCCURRED IN THE CITY OF GROVELAND.

    Please Note:
    ► This form is not to be used to request directions, report a burglay, or house related problems.
    ► All house watch forms submitted online will be reviewed.
    ► Providing false information is a crime and you may be prosecuted for doing so.

    Still not sure? Call 9-1-1.

  4. Lights or Alarms?*
  5. I release the City of Groveland Police Department from any and all claims on any incident relating to my property in my absence. The City of Groveland Police Department will make periodic checks of your property, and this document merely provides the information of your whereabouts and other facts if a crime should occur.*
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