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Contest Parking Ticket

  1. City of Groveland Letter to Contest Parking Ticket

    Instructions: To contest a parking ticket, complete the form fields below to the best of your ability and return this form and a copy of your parking citation, in person to the Groveland Police Department at 6825 SR50, Groveland, FL 34736. ORgo online to the Groveland Police Department’s website, at and, on the left-hand menu, click the link titled “Fight a Parking Ticket,” complete the form, add any attachments, and click “SUBMIT.” The Groveland Police Department will file the form, and any enclosed documents and evidence with the City Clerk and the Lake County Clerk of Courts.

  2. To whom It may concern,
  3. For the aforementioned reasons, I am requesting my ticket be dismissed, or forwarded to the Lake County Traffic Court for a hearing.


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